Themenstrang: »Praxis«

Referent_in: Ian Parker

Tag/Zeit: Mittwoch, 17.9.2014, 16:00–18:00 Uhr

Theoretical Concepts that Question the Disciplinary Community

This paper responds to a set of problems in contemporary psychology that cluster around the notion that the discipline might be ‘applied’ to the real world, and that such application would thereby serve as the methodological and conceptual grounding for ‘political psychology’. The specific problems addressed comprise ‘interpretation’ of material in the quantitative and qualitative traditions, the notion of ‘application’ as such which rests on the prior modelling of individual and collective psychological phenomena, the conceptions of ‘politics’ that operate in disciplinary interventions, the idealisation of ‘community’ in different traditions of community psychology in the US and Europe, and finally ‘psychology’ itself as the background against which these other problems are elaborated. In response to these problems the paper describes political theoretical concepts from feminist interventions in Left practice and brings them to bear on the discipline of psychology, turning the direction of travel of concepts around so that psychology itself rather than the outside world becomes the object to which ideas are ‘applied’. The five political theoretical concepts described here are ‘performativity’, ‘standpoint’, ‘the personal as political’, the ‘tyranny of structurelessness’ and ‘intersectionality’.

Unpublished paper in progress: ian-parker-politics-and-applied-psychology.pdf


Themenstrang: »Unbewusstes«

Referent_in: Ian Parker

Tag/Zeit: Mittwoch, 17.9.2014, 13:30–15:30 Uhr

What does Lacan say about the unconscious? Lacan is speaking about the unconscious all the time, and his work mutates through different written texts and throughout his seminars so that there are slightly different meanings given to the unconscious at different points. So, I want to approach this task by focusing on the text of one his seminars, Seminar V: Formations of the Unconscious (Lacan, 1957-1958), and to use this as a kind of anchor point to draw attention to some key issues in Lacan’s reading of Freud on the unconscious, and to notice some motifs in the seminar that anticipate later developments in Lacan’s work. Lacan does not give a definition of the unconscious in this seminar, and this absence reminds us that the unconscious is not susceptible to a neat definition, as if it could be summed up as an object with specific qualities. However, in this seminar he does begin to show us the importance not only of ‘formations’ of the unconscious, but of the process of formation of the unconscious as such.

Unpublished paper in progress: ian-parker-the-unconscious-of-lacanian-discourse.pdf

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